BioShock: The Collection – Announcement Trailer

BioShock: The Collection – Announcement Trailer

BioShock: The Collection takes you back to Rapture and Columbia in 1080p. The Collection includes all single-player content from BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all single-player add-on content, the “Columbia’s Finest” pack, and Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock, featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson. Coming September 13, 2016 to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

BioShock: The Collection

Release Date: 13 Sept 2016
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: 2K Games, Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

Source: Youtube/PlayStation

Adventures of Mana – Available Now on PlayStation Vita

Adventures of Mana – Available Now on PlayStation Vita

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the classic Square Enix’s Action Role Playing Game – Secret of Mana series. Adventures of Mana is actually a remake of the first game of the series which yet to be named as “Secret of Mana” – Final Fantasy Adventure, debut in 1991 for the original Game Boy. Originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden, and later released in Europe as Mystic Quest, a Final Fantasy spinoff and later become Secret of Mana series.

Adventures of Mana initial released on Android and iOS, due to fans request, now release on PS Vita. The PS Vita version of Adventures of Mana features enhanced 3D visuals (the original was in 2D), revamped menus, and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer. The background music from the original version is also available in the game.

Adventures of Mana

Release Date: Released
Genre: Action Role Playing Game
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: Andriod, iOS, PlayStation Vita

Source:, Youtube/SquareEnix

PlayStation VR Bundle Pre-orders


PlayStation VR Bundle Pre-orders

PSVR is coming in 13 October 2016, pre-orders is kicking off again starting this 30 June, in US region. Sony stated that this is the last time open for pre-ordering PSVR, if you miss this then you have to wait until the product retail release.

PSVR is priced at $400 for the standalone headset – PlayStation VR Core:

  • PS VR headset
  • PS VR cables
  • Stereo Headphones
  • PlayStation VR Demo Disc

As for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle is priced at $500:

  • PS VR headset
  • PS VR cables
  • Stereo Headphones
  • PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • PlayStation Worlds game disc. which includes five games: The London Heist, Into the Deep (working title), The Luge, Danger Ball, and Scavenger’s Odyssey.

Sony warned that stock will likely be limited during the launch, but they are confident to keep further waves of supplies to meet the high demand.


Gran Turismo Sport – FIA Digital License Early Details


Gran Turismo Sport – FIA Digital License Early Details

The GT Sport’s FIA Digital License is an interesting announcement by Polyphony Digital, in partnership with the FIA, a new type of racing license sanctioned by the FIA and local governing bodies of motorsport in countries around the world.

The FIA Digital License is required to go racing in any FIA-sanctioned Online Championship in Gran Turismo Sport. While asking Kazunori Yamauchi on how to obtain the License in the game, he stated that the details are still not finalized, due to the discussions with the FIA are still ongoing.

however the current tentative conditions to obtain the FIA Digital License are as follow:

  • Completion of GT Sport’s “Racing Etiquette Mode”, which includes guides and tests on the following:
    • Signals
    • Flags
    • Safety Car protocols
    • Cautions
    • Proper driving conduct and etiquette
  • To achieve “silver” or better results in all of GT Sport’s “Campaign Mode” events
  • Maintain a certain level of Driver Class and Sportsmanship Points

Drivers may be need to pay an annual license fee to the governing body of motorsport in their country, not to Polyphony Digital, but to FIA or the local motorsport club. This also requires the country’s local motorsport organization to participate and collaborate to the program. Major territories like the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan have yet to be confirmed, although Kazunori re-assured that they are working hard to bring more local governing bodies into the program.

This brand new approach will bring virtual/digital online racing to an all new level, with the backing of International Racing Organization like FIA, by applying the same requirements and regulations from the real world motorsport to virtual/digital online racing. In sometime future, you can be a real Professional Racing Driver or Virtual/digital Professional Racing Driver, or even both.

Gran Turismo Sport

Release Date: 15 Nov 2016
Genre: Racing Game
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Platform: PlayStation 4


“Tetris” The Movie – Not One But Trilogy


“Tetris” The Movie – Not One But Trilogy

What would you expect from a “Tetris” movie? The movie was first announced in 2014, and it has been shrouded in mystery ever since. Now the movie producer Larry Kasanoff revealed “slightly” more but also raised more questions.

Kasanoff revealed that the movie is actually first part of a trilogy, said that the science-fiction story is huge and requires three movies to tell the story. And Kasanoff guaranteed that no one will able to figure out what the movie about.

Casting for the film is currently underway, and the production is set to start in 2017 in China. Tetris The Movie will be produced by Kasanoff’s Threshold Entertainment Group and Chinese billionaire Bruno Wu’s Seven Star Works. Kasanoff is also known for producing “True Lies,” “Beowulf” and a number of LEGO TV movies and shorts.

I’m very curious on how’s a globally known puzzle game turns out to be on the big screen under the genre of Sci-Fi.


ONE PIECE: Pirates Battle Arena for Nintendo 3DS

ONE PIECE: Pirates Battle Arena for Nintendo 3DS

Bandai Namco Japan announced One Piece: Pirates Battle Arena (translated from Japanese version – ONE PIECE 大海賊闘技場(ダイカイゾクコロシアム), no English version yet),  a 2D fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS. Developed by Arc System Works (Guilty Gear series) and schedule to be released on 21 Sept 2016.

One Piece: Pirates Battle Arena will feature the full character rosters from the manga series, partner system for tagging in secondary character during the fight, supportive characters way-in, and QTE (Quick Time Event) during battle. The overall impression is similar to another N3DS fighter – Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden. ONE PIECE fans should have their eyes on this one.

ONE PIECE: Pirates Battle Arena / ONE PIECE 大海賊闘技場(ダイカイゾクコロシアム)

Release Date: 21 Sept 2016 (Japan)
Genre: Fighting Game
Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Source: Youtube/Bandai Namco Japan