Ever Oasis – E3 Trailer (3DS)

Ever Oasis – E3 Trailer (3DS)

Ever Oasis is a brand new Action Role Playing Game developed by Grezzo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game sets in a sandy desert, a young boy called Tethu with the help of a water spirit Isuna, to build up an oasis in the middle of the desert to serve as a launching point for a quest to find his older brother.

Tethu has to run the oasis by setting up shops and facilities to attract wanderers to come to visit, and some will join Tethu on his adventures to battle monster, solve puzzles and gather materials to craft new equipment and items. Tethu can drop off the gathered resources to the oasis shop and sell them to visiting wanderers.

In battle, Tethu can switch between party members to fight and use special abilities.

Ever Oasis is produced and directed by Koichi Ishii, known for directing the first three Final Fantasy games, most of the Secret of Mana series and credited with the creation of Chocobos and Moogles. No release date mentioned yet, but really looking forward to this game.

Ever Oasis

Release Date: TBA
Genre: Role Playing Game
Developer: Grezzo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Source: Youtube/Nintendo, Kotaku.com

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