World of Final Fantasy – E3 2016 Trailer

World of Final Fantasy – E3 2016 Trailer

Another Spinoff Final Fantasy game from the main series, in World of Final Fantasy, you play as Reynn and Lann, twin siblings who suffer from amnesia and with a strange power in one of their arms, traveling into the world of Grimoire, where all the classic Final Fantasy characters and monsters are rendered in a chibi-style, which is so freaking adorable. Except for Reynn and Lann are able to stay in their true form and shift chibi form when necessary, they start their journey to recover their lost memories and try to figure out what is what.

In Grimoire, Reynn and Lann can “befriend” with various kind of monsters called Mirages during the battle when got them weakened, once in the party, player can rename them, utilizing them for both in battle and navigating environment. Kinda similar to Dragon Quest Monster.

The battle system makes use of the Active Time Battle (ATB) system employed by multiple Final Fantasy games. In battle, players control a party of Mirages which can be stacked upon each other to grant various boons in battle while decreasing the number of turns that can be taken. The types of Mirages used affect the party’s available skills and abilities in battle.

Gosh they are so cute…

World of Final Fantasy

Release Date: 25 Oct 2016
Genre: Role Playing Game
Developer: SquareEnix
Publisher: SquareEnix
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Source: Youtube/PlayStation

E3 2016 is coming!


My most anticipated international game show of the year – E3 2016 once again is around the corner. Although I unable to be at the real place, I still looking forward to be blown away by all kind of surprises announcement for this year.

So here is my most anticipated list of topics (game announcements, surprise reveals, rumor confirmations, & new hardwares):

  1. Sony’s PlayStation “NEO” – it has been circulating around the inter-web for some time, to have a hardware power-up to cater 4K and VR. Hopefully Sony will make some official statements about it, because I have yet to OWN a PS4.
  2. Nintendo’s next-gen console code named NX – Is the company going to unveil the official look of their new console in E3?
  3. Microsoft’s XboxOne Scorpio – Rumors said that the power-up console will be even more powerful than PS4 NEO; and XboxOne Slim?
  4. Kojima Production’s announcement – They’ve already revealed their studio mascot – Luden, an astronaut/spaceman in space suit with a skull mask. I wonder what kinda game is cooking inside, and do hope Kojima will clear things up in E3.
  5. Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 – There has been a few spinoffs and remastered for sometime ever since RE6, it is time to have RE7.
  6. Is Beyond Good & Evil 2 still happening?
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Heard that Rockstars Games does not have any games release until next year, maybe they are cooking something behind closed door. I don’t mind a Red Dead Redemption HD remastered.

I’m gonna put myself in NO-SLEEP mode to watch the press conferences for that three days straight, due to different time zone. Stay tuned that I will make a lot of E3 posts. Woohooo!