Forza Horizon 3 – Official E3 Trailer

Forza Horizon 3 – Official E3 Trailer

Third installment of the Forza Motor Sport spinoff – Forza Horizon series. Forza Horizon 3 sets in a new locale – Australia, with its massive natural beauty locations, and it is even bigger than the previous Forza Horizon 2.

The new FH3 is featuring…

  1. Forza Garage – You have more than 350 amazing customizable cars to roam the massive locale of Australia.
  2. Your are the boss – In previous games, you’ve been a participant of Horizon Festival. In Forza Horizon 3, you are the boss, which means you will be making big decisions that affect the whole event, expanding the event sites, boost attractions, hire or even fire drivers for the event.
  3. Horizon Blueprint – Since you are to boss, you are able to fully customize all preset events, like choose challenge type, cars, racing conditions, pick the right music, name it and more.
  4. Your festival, you soundtrack – Music plays a huge role in Forza Horizon, besides adding more radio stations, Forza Horizon 3’s new Groove Radio station allows you to stream your personal music collection from the cloud – OneDrive, just add your favorite music to it.
  5. Cross Play – Forza Horizon 3 will be the most connected and social racing game, you can online cross platform play on XboxOne or Windows 10. With four-player campaign co-op, drop-in or out at will.
  6. Auction House and Storefronts – In Forza games being a home for creators (painters, tuners, photographers, and more). Forza Horizon 3 features Auction House and Storefronts,  Storefronts allowing you to buy and sell cars, and the Auction Houser will act as a hub for fans to hunt for coolest cars with custom paint jobs and tunes.
  7. Others features – 1000-player Car Clubs, Car Meets, seamless multiplayer with no lobbies, Playground games (including an all-new mode called Flag Rush), Rivals events, Online Free Roam and the new Online Adventure.

Forza Horizon 3 will be released on 27 Sept 2016, for Ultimate Edition owners, early access to Forza Horizon 3 begins on September 23.

Forza Horizon 3

Release Date: 27 Sept 2016
Genre: Racing Game
Developer: Turn 10 Studios, Playground Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studio
Platform: Xbox One, Windows 10

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